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This is a breakaway forum from weirdjews because like every successful synagogue there had to be a split eventually. Please feel free to belong to either group or both groups. While there are going to be differences nothing should stop you from joining either group. The only possible difference is that this group MIGHT have a more Conservative/Orthodox bias. We will try not to have any biases but since the founder converted to Judaism through a halachic process (he considers himself Modern Orthodox if you ask), sometimes it happens. We're only saying this because there tends to be a Reform/Reconstructionist bias in Weird Jews.

As with weirdjews this is officially:

A community for Jews outside the mainstream. All "Weird Jews" are welcome here whether they be Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Secular Jews, Buddhist Jews, Pagan Jews, gerim, or anyone considering conversion. This means that no one is to be made to feel unwelcome for their viewpoint - and the expression thereof.

GENERAL GUIDELINES (adapted from Weird Jews but modified)
1. Be prepared to back up your opinions with facts. Don't be too stubborn that you can't admit when you're wrong. (this is also a good way of proceeding with life - but at least for this forum)

2. Use an lj-cut for long posts.

3. Try to limit your lashon hara - literally means bad speech - that includes gossip, slander and the like. Buy a Chofetz Chaim book if you want the halacha - but don't worry about it too much. Basically this means don't be a jerk. Don't personally attack others. Don't get bent out of shape if you're personally attacked. The discussion is key, not the person saying it. If you have a problem with something someone says in a thread, answer them IN THAT THREAD and don't go publicly posting the thread days or weeks after the fact, because I'm really sick of reading boring old arguments brought up again and again.

4. Buy a copy of Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre.

5. Don't be overly judgmental. You might not be able to help it but try. If someone pisses you off wait 24 hours to respond. Chances are they didn't intend to offend you. You might not have read them right. A lot of your anger might be for things that the other person has nothing to do with. You'll have a much easier time giving that person the benefit of the doubt if you try to see things from their perspective first. In other words, see rule #3.

6. Unless you've got a real good reason for saying stupid racist garbage do it elsewhere. Thank you.

7. Subcultures, Scenes and Alternative Lifestyles are cool but they don't automatically make you cool (see the example of Peter Murphy vs. the hundreds of goths that try looking like him.) Celebrate them but don't get arrogant about being in one. Weirdness is an attitude, not a clothing preference.

8. Do not criticize level of observance or lack thereof. Try to avoid the "who is a Jew" debate. Every Jew and member of the Jewish community is accepted here. As with Weird Jews, weirdjews2 is about breaking down the barriers between Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox. This statement does not translate into Orthodox-bashing (nor does it translate into Reform-bashing). We are all Jews here. Well, most of us - those of us that aren't Jews are either converting or still part of the Jewish community and we don't want to get into that discussion. Trust us, it's ugly. And boring. However, if you start it, don't go crying to us when it doesn't go your way. And if you really really really want to discuss it, join whoisajew and knock yourself out.

9. No missionaries. No "messianic" Jews or Jews for JC. Unless you are planning on recovering from your cult and returning to Judaism we don't want you on here. If we find out that you're a missionary, "messianic" Jew or J4J, we will kick you off. If you try pushing the gospel on the members here we will kick you off. Qualitatively we find you no different from the creeps that post Hitler pictures. Note: Christians curious about the origins of their own religion are fine. As long as you don't try to sell us on accepting your guy as lord and savior we don't have a problem with you discussing aspects of Judaism or the difference between Judaism and Christianity. It's when you began telling us that we're going to hell for not believing in that guy that a problem emerges. Self-described Jews for JC or "messianic" Jews are automatically missionaries. Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Lutherans, etc., etc. are given the benefit of the doubt.

10. No quiz results.

11. No need to do an introductory post, but if you want to do that say something interesting. Example: I go to bondage clubs dressed like a chicken.

12. No trolls - this community bans all users that have no journal entries and no other friends except for a series of Jewish communities. If you aren't a troll, we apologize but it's assumed that someone that just goes around joining Jewish communities is the same troll that's been lurking about this community ever since the elimination of LJ invite codes made it easier to make anonymous journals. Due to the same person coming back under different guises to troll, new members won't be able to post until approved by one of the moderators. We'll basically just make sure that you have a real journal instead of a dummy journal set up to annoy members which should take no more than 24 hours.

13. Don't ask why Superman is on topic. Just deal with it. Superman is always on topic in WJ2.

14. No linking to other communities' drama, asking for "help" in debates.

One last note on banning and the like. We're pretty easy going. If you don't follow the community rules, we aren't going to be on you with knives and clubs. And nobody is going to get banned just for insulting the moderators. The moderators try to be reasonable. Generally if you have something interesting to say, we'll overlook transgressions. However, if you are a troll AND boring, forget it. Go to a pro-ana community or something. And that goes doubly for those that seek to make this community into their personal little drama whore community. It might still take us awhile to ban you because we like to give people second and third chances - but eventually we will ban you.

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Finally - one of the moderator's favorite quotes by Rav Soloveitchik
The religious experience, however, is beyond granting man a hedonic status or spiritual complacency. To the contrary, the religious experience is fraught with pitfalls and continual challenge. G-d, if man finds Him, does not relieve the G-d-seeker of his imperatives, but imposes new ones. Religion enriches life, gives it depth and multidimensional visons, but does not always grant man the comfort and complacency that nearly always spell superficiality and shallow-mindedness. The homo-religiosus is wanting in mental balance and harmony to a greater degree than the mundane type. His mind seethes with antinomies and anthetic problems and questions that will never find their solution.

- Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Sacred & Profane; Hazedek [1945]; Gesher vol. 3, no. 1 [1966] reprinted in Shiurei HaRav pp. 4-6
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