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Since a lot of the "I feel all better about going to DragonCon now that you posted that article" art - Weird Jews 2 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Weird Jews 2

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Since a lot of the "I feel all better about going to DragonCon now that you posted that article" art [Feb. 10th, 2013|03:50 am]
Weird Jews 2


Since kradical wrote his litany of lame excuses for supporting DragonCon and thus putting more money into Ed Kramer's pockets - money which has in the past been used to pervert the justice system and start a talent agency for "young men" (please feel free to shiver) - others have been coming out of the woodwork with their tumblr and blog posts to proudly proclaim that YES - they too support pedophilia and wish to be accomplices to child molestation.

And they are all engaged in the same corporate law shell game. Step right up, follow the hands, watch for the boy rapist, can you spot the boy rapist, where is the boy rapist, pick the card, win a prize - oh look you picked CORPORATE MANSPLAIN.

Actually mansplaining isn't really accurate but boysplaining seems too much a neologism.

Regardless, the blogs have the depressing sameness. They attack the notion that the DragonCon corporation can dissolve and then come back together without Kramer and then get into a tedious paragraph about corporate law and HOW HARD that would be.

And then they hit a paragraph break.

Because that's the point to go "But in Georgia they CAN'T do it!!!!!!!"

Of course, I'm sure that justifies the blogger's decision to go to a convention that pumps 34% of its income into the bank account of a boy fucker. Why yes, I WOULD boycott DragonCon but their hands are tied and you can't expect DragonCon to cut off ties with Ed Kramer when there's a messy political and corporate law precedent up there.

So here's what I say to that - YOUR hands are NOT tied. YOU are not helpless in the face of corporate law. YOU are the one who is CHOOSING to go to DragonCON and ultimately it's YOUR MONEY (or the money that is generated by your appearance) that is going to help ED KRAMER GET AWAY WITH FUCKING LITTLE BOYS.

Seriously, no one is saying "Oh sure, I find Chris Brown to be a detestable human being but I still buy his albums and give him money because he's under contract" followed by three paragraphs about why it's so hard to get Chris Brown off the contract.

But in the case of Ed Kramer, those who are CHOOSING to go to DragonCon are resorting to a cut-and-paste mansplain about corporate law in Georgia that somehow makes DragonCon innocent. For years DragonCon has had NOTHING to do with Ed Kramer and now that it's been caught, suddenly its HANDS ARE TIED. Good show, DragonCon, looks like your dumber attendees are capable of parroting your press releases word for word.

Even if everything in that corporate mansplain is true (yeah I'm starting to like the phrase) that still doesn't justify YOUR action of supporting an institution that gives 34% of its income to Ed Kramer. YOU are the one who is supporting child molestation and YOU are the one who is going to have to live with your conscience for letting this monster fuck with the justice system.

[User Picture]From: ron_newman
2013-02-10 02:27 pm (UTC)
Since kradical wrote his litany of lame excuses

I don't see any post by someone with that name in this community. Was it deleted?
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[User Picture]From: marlowe1
2013-02-10 03:11 pm (UTC)
No. He's a science fiction author and he became the lightning rod for people making excuses for going to DC. He wrote it on his own blog. I wrote this on my own blog because I was sick of people repeating the "DC can't legally separate from Ed Kramer so I feel better going and giving them my money" excuse.

I just copied it to this community becuase I figured that it needed a signal boost (and this community needed some more action - it's pretty dead but I guess so is LJ)
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