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Frum Divorce [Jul. 18th, 2012|09:55 pm]
Weird Jews 2


I was in Starbucks today and they have set up the tables so that there's a bench where almost everyone sits. So these girls got in the table next to me and they pretty much surrounded me. So I couldn't help hearing the one talk about getting divorced from Eliezer. Man, Eliezer is just a jerk. But she talked about how things were getting distant and how she wanted to just live off a man but she also wanted enough financial independence to go to Target and spend $100 and not worry about his cheapness or his ambitions to make millions in Israel or whatever. She also wanted to move back to Florida. Also she was worried. Like she knew that she was annoying in some ways but she didn't need to

Her friends were supportive. They were telling her that she was making the right decision. They really were good friends. She always did what he wanted but he NEVER even tried to read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (yes, she said that)

And then she complained about he wanted her to shower every day. Like come home and take a shower and then it's really cold and she could get a head cold. And her two friends were very supportive. They never thought that she smelled.

I remember that Chevi used to also do that - like go days without bathing. She was very proud of keeping the three day yomtov no bathing minhag. I thought it was just a sign of clinical depression, but now I'm starting to think that it's some seminary frum thing because if these girls can't touch boys before they get married then why bother not smelling like a toilet?

Oh well. That girl is young. She can learn and come into herself. And then find some foul smelling haredi guy to be her soul mate.